Diverse Learning Community

ECS is blessed to have international students.

International Students

Escondido Christian School is committed to providing a diverse learning climate for our students. In doing so, we admit interested international students with proper documentation.


To begin the application process, please download and complete the forms that are listed below and required for admission.

If you require assistance, please contact us by email at info@ecslions.org or call 760-745-2071.

While electives change each year, an example of electives that have been offered are; Spanish, Worship Band, Art, Journalism, Life Skills, Academic Success, Photography, Extreme Sports, Archery, and Disc Golf.

Drama Dept which with a full-scale Drama Production.
After-School Competitive Sports
Student Government
Yearbook Preparation

6th graders attend a 3-day Astrocamp in the winter snow season
7th graders visit Catalina Island for 3 days of marine science
8th graders take an East Coast trip to visit historical sites including the Washington D.C. area, Amish Country, Philadelphia, Williamsburg, Jamestown, and attend a Broadway play in New York City